Ches “Nifty” Christian
Centennial College

Ches ‘N.I.F.T.Y.’ Christian (‘N.I.F.T.Y.’ stands for “Nothing’s Impossible for The Youth”, and yes, Christian is his real last name) is no stranger to the art of performance. In his 15-year career as a Christian hip-hop recording artist, he has taken the stage to rock the crowd in thousands of appearances, touring extensively across Canada and the US. Nifty's work has received multiple nominations and awards from prominent organizations such as GMA Canada, culminating in his current position as the first-ever Canadian Rap College Professor at Centennial College. He continues to give back to his community, speaking in churches, teaching on campus, giving his time to offer a variety of musical workshops and helping young artists develop their craft.

Workshop(s) by Ches “Nifty” Christian

Songwriting Mastery: Urban Gospel – Hip-Hop & RnB
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