O'Neil Gerald Donald

O'Neil Gerald Donald (O'Neil Gerald for short) is a vocal coach, choral conductor and the founder of Reclaim Your Voice.

He served as conductor for the Rexdale Outreach Choir at the age of 19 and has since then, led ensembles that have shared the stage with the likes of Jully Black and even performed for world-renowned composer, A.R. Rahman.

With a B.F.A in Jazz Vocal Performance and a Master’s in Music composition, O’Neil has built his career teaching singers how to connect with their life’s message and deliver it in a musically original way.

His YouTube breakdowns of popular vocalists simplify music so that non-musicians feel like they can finally understand their childhood music teacher. His analyses have received validation from accomplished artists such as Brandy Norwood and Yebba Smith, confirming the accuracy of his assessments. He also was featured as 1 of 11 national creators in the YouTube Black Class of 2023.

In addition to running his vocal coaching business, O’Neil serves as a part of faculty at Centennial College. He also serves as Minister of Music at Kingdom Gate Equipping Centre.

Workshop(s) by O'Neil Gerald Donald

"Reach! Teach! Preach!": An Introduction to Gospel Ad-Libbing