Colette Leader-Kalumbi
Leading Legacies

Colette Leader-Kalumbi is an author, educator and creative soul who loves music. She shares her love of music with children and adults alike, writing books that teach life lessons, tutoring and leading seminars in various capacities on creativity. She is a musician and has released three Steel Pan instrumental albums; two with her sisters and in October 2016, another with her husband titled, “All Nature Sings”.

For the last decade, Colette has directed the annual Power Up Youth choir and enjoys every minute of it. With her Masters of Science in Education she is able to mix what she loves with the tools she has obtained to bring others closer to God.

Today Colette is the owner of Leading Legacies ( ) which is an online tutoring homework support program, art and music center.  She continues to write, compose songs and to work on other creative ventures and ministers alongside her husband, Pascal, in various capacities.